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Work : One Liners for Clarinet Trio

Composer : Eric P. Mandat

Difficulty Ranking : V

Publisher : Cirrus Music

Year Published : 2000

Instrumentation : 3 Bb Clarinets or 2 Bb Clarinets and 1 Bass Clarinet

Potential Pedagogical Applications : Intonation (interval, unison, octave), articulation matching, ensemble mechanics, extensive range, phrase matching and handoffs, hocketing, extended techniques (quarter tones)

Sample Recording :

Where to Purchase Sheet Music :

Annotation : Eric Mandat is well-known in the clarinet community for his playing, his teaching, and for his unique compositions for clarinet, primarily his unaccompanied works. This clarinet trio, which can be performed by three Bb clarinets or by two Bbs and one Bass clarinet, consists of short movements that when put together create a unique work. The titles of the movements form a sentence: Reelistically Speaking Life’s Secrets Lie(s) Within Reach If We Look Behind The Punch Line. The work challenges the players through an extensive range (to Ab 4) and the composer’s use of quarter tones.

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