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Welcome to the Clarinet Ensemble Music Wiki!

This project will be edited and updated over time to include new works that I discover or that are introduced to me through users. Each work will be evaluated based on its difficulty. If the work has an existing recording, a link will be provided soon! If the work is currently in publication, a link for purchase will also be included soon! Currently, all works are original works for small ensembles. Clarinet choir will soon be added, and I will be working to add arrangements and transcriptions in the near future!

If you would like to contribute works to be evaluated and added to the database, please contact me at

You can start by selecting an ensemble type below or search for a work by composer or title in the search bar above.

Clarinet Duos

Clarinet Trios

Clarinet Quartets

For an explanation of the grading rubric that has been used to give each work a grade level, please click here.

I hope you find this resource helpful to you and your ensembles!

Best wishes, Jessica Harrie

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