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Work : Three Pieces for Clarinet Trio

Composer : Allan Blank

Difficulty Ranking : VI

Publisher: Associated Music Publishers

Year Published : 1982

Instrumentation : 3 A Clarinets (preferred) or 3 Bb clarinets

Potential Pedagogical Applications : Articulation and phrase matching, phrase handoffs, dramatic dynamic shifts, highly independent part writing, challenging range (to A 6 ), complex rhythms and metric shifts

Sample Recording :

Where to Purchase Sheet Music :

Annotation : An intensely modern work, Three Pieces for Clarinet Trio requires players with great technical facility and awareness. The work is comprised of three movements: “Prelude,” “Interlude,” and “Finale.” The most challenging aspect of this work is the expansive range and complex rhythms, which will cause problems for players on the individual and ensemble levels.

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