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Work : Second Grand Trio Concertante

Composer : James Waterson

Difficulty Ranking : V

Publisher: Chester Music

Year Published : 1981

Instrumentation : 3 Bb Clarinets

Potential Pedagogical Applications : Articulation (matching and expansion of staccato ability), intonation (chordal and octave), technical facility

Sample Recording :

Where to Purchase Sheet Music :

Annotation: As a clarinetist himself, James Waterson composed several works for the instrument including this trio. This work is in three movements and is challenging for all parts. The first movement is filled with fast notes that are passed between parts, while the second movement is a slow homage to the slow movements of Mozart. The final movement poses its technical challenges as well, require fast articulated sixteenth notes in all parts. Overall, the work is an excellent choice for an ensemble looking for a work that requires equal facility for each player.

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