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Work : Lines, Spaces, Planes

Composer : Eric P. Mandat

Difficulty Ranking : VI

Publisher : Cirrus Music

Year Published : 2010

Premiere : Howard Klug, Steve Cohen, Eric Mandat (First Performance 2010 Clarinet Performance Workshop Bloomington, Indiana; Official Premiere 2010 Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium)

Instrumentation : 2 Bb Clarinets and 1 Bb/Bass Clarinet (with range to low c)

Potential Pedagogical Applications : Intonation (interval, unison, octave), articulation matching, ensemble mechanics, frequent metric shifts and unusual meters, hocketing, extended techniques (quartertones), extensive range

Sample Recording :

Where to Purchase Sheet Music :

Annotation : This trio by Eric Mandat is comprised of three movements. The outer movements, “Lines” and “Planes”, are brisk and technically demanding, while the middle movement, “Spaces” is the opposite, focusing on sonorities and colors through the composer’s use of quartertones. The range of the work is extensive, moving to Bb 4 in the Bb clarinets and to low c in the bass clarinet, which in turn means that the work requires a bass clarinet that extends to low c, which is primarily found on professional level instruments. Mandat uses the bass clarinet in the first movement, but then has the bass clarinetist switch to Bb clarinet for the remaining two movements. This provides an additional challenge, as the player must be able to adjust quickly between the instruments.

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